Liqui Filter Fabric

Recommendations / Available fabrics

Different manufacturing processes and load on the filter medium will naturally result in varying recommendations. For an overview please see our Filter fabric product information.

Our recommendations are based on experience. As filter fineness depends on the build-up of the filter cake, filter fineness cannot be specified in µm. We would be happy to send you appropriate test samples.

Economical use of filter fabric

Liqui filter fabric has proved successful as a filter medium in many branches of industry for many years. Used mainly for purifying liquids by means of automatic band filters in the metal industry. Applications range from the purification of washing liquids, cooling lubricants for metalworking through to oil purification.

The selection of filter fabric determines the efficiency and the economic viability of the filter unit. The type of filter liquid, the throughput and the type of contamination and the required purification level must be taken into consideration for the optimum selection. In principle, the filter quantity and the type of filter liquid determine the filter surface. The required filter efficiency determines the filter fabric to be used. The contamination type and quantity determine the filter fabric consumption accordingly.

In principle, a comparison of filter fabrics in specific operating conditions has shown that better filter efficiency is always achieved when using heavy fabric types. However, this results in higher filter fabric consumption. The reason is different permeability.

With respect to the efficiency of the filter fabric it should be noted that the purification level increases with the build-up of a sludge cake. However, the throughput decreases at the same time. A filter fineness of up to 1 µm can be achieved with increasing sludge deposit.

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